80 000 high cost performance SUV About 560 vision VS SUV

80 000 high cost performance SUV About 560 vision VS SUV

Hello everyone, I love geeks Ocean Dr, welcome to automotive students. Last winning audiences was a student, he said: “finally free light show.” Micro direct message to your address.

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

Now at all levels of the automotive market, only compact SUV brands scored well, because spelling is affordable and cost-effective. However with about 560 more space at lower prices to reinterpret what is called “value for money”. We want to buy a SUV, configuration of said past space comparable to the van, and landing in less than 100,000!! Only one choice. But market is cruel of, August 28, Geely vision SUV official listed, frenzied of shouted out has a “80,000 level SUV sex price King” of slogan, with wave Ling cover wants to are know is Ben with baojun 560 to of, and listed Hou immediately wholesale sales on reached has 7,541 car, 560 is encountered new 560 has, so yihou we also wants to not to 100,000 landing buy “SUV sex price King” the selected who does? This episode we go to 4S was a survey, give us back the experience report.

Exterior and Interior

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

Vision to losing a lot on the body dimension data, nearly 10 cm wheelbase difference, visually see 560 vision than a large circle, like a sneaker for men and women.

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

Vision features lucky family’s latest design, derived from Volvo’s design director Peter before. Huo, see this taillight design, is there a Volvo, and ripple-shaped grille, recognized Geely can make people come all this way.

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

About 560 of the appearance of a characteristic, large, wide, fat. Many dubbed loaf, texture of the skin is not as bad as bread was comparable to 100,000, complete with highlights is a simple tail and light up ugly lamps.

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV
80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

Finish inside our result is vision burst 560, first interior materials, 560 eyes see are hard plastic, but the door handles and center armrest a bit soft leather, technology in General. Vision control in the entire cover is soft material on the doors in large packages and rely on the leg where is soft. Only, in turn, is that they are not leather steering wheel, but 560 is soft, smelting and processing of sutures, the vision is a hard rubber.

2nd, detail and design, 560 overall is very simple, keys is very large, is relatively small, key travel longer than the vision, is the Foundation, but a strong sense of plastic, it’s the design.

Vision care a lot for detail, first of all slots where all have rubber pads! Like door put hand, storage real slot, water Cup slot, under are pad with rubber anti-sliding pad, this is is 560 no of, second details Shang of design, impression most deep of is door soft quality material Shang and seat, and in the control Shang of Golden suture very has texture, and steering wheel Shang multifunctional press of roots are some back glyphs logo, in the control doors type of storage real grid and specifically save key of slot, feel very intimate and senior, we experience finished of small partners said more willing to sat in vision of driving bit in.

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

But we all know that the cost in the set, you cannot expect everything to the Red right, after the experience of the vision we also feel so vulnerable, 1th is that vision door compared to the 560 slim a lot, rather than the thin and closed voices just, a trembling sound. We listen, and, because two 4S shop not far away, we just 560 on the vision that we all felt very strongly. Although we all know that security depends on steel girders, listening to closing voice is not scientific, but got into a prospect will give you a feeling close to the outside of, heart can’t help but worry about safety. 560 of the door looked very solid. 2nd vision of the Assembly process, some small flaws, we experience this co-pilot trigger box as a whole load of Askew. Finally, the storage space is less than 560, baojun center armrest has two layers, the vision is only one layer, and the space is small, glass, door is 560 larger storage space.

Driving and riding

80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV
80,000 high cost performance SUV! About 560 vision VS SUV

Our friends 177mm and weighs 120 pounds, both front and rear head room in the back row can be reached about 2 fists of terror, but rear legroom, 560 out explosive vision, 560 can be achieved close to a small arm of the terrorist, vision and two-thirds, 560 central platform in the back, the vision has a slightly elevated and can be ignored.

Car back seat support down proportionately, 560 of the trunk bigger and emissions can be done after a flat state, normal adult full nor lie down, vision SUV can also drop, but still there are certain angles.

Vision 1.3T is equipped with a CVT automatic transmission 1.8 naturally aspirated is a 5-speed manual. About 560 series do not have automatic transmissions, but 1.8 litre two AMT semi-automatic gearbox, the rest are for the 6-speed manual. Transmission this baojun had no advantage, semi-automatic transmission shift logic, speed, force, and power output of the ride, this is not the average person to be able to stand, not long ago, since being recalled may be moving into the space. Unlike the CVT gearbox in comparison to smooth, comfortable and more. Car onion rings collisions and zero points can

Vision-SUV wheel has used the independent suspension, baojun 560 rear-wheel torque Liang Fei independent suspension, moving comfort, vision SUV will be better.


I still chose the two paragraphs concern than a high and the price closer to the models, about 560 2016 1.8L manual luxury vision SUV 2016 1.8L manual and distinguished, this car price is 85,800 RMB yuan and 87900. 2100 dollar price difference. On the configuration, the two cars are equipped with electric sunroof, roof luggage rack, leather steering wheel, cruise control, front and rear radar, reversed image, control color screen, Bluetooth phone. About much more than 560 tire pressure monitoring, no key entry, Keyless Start, power folding mirrors, rear air outlet. Vision SUV LCD instrument panel, descending steep slopes, heated front seats, automatic headlights and a panoramic camera. Practical have their own advantages and disadvantages, we choose.

Buy car cars

Prospective owner response is up to the door, and turns. Thin doors previously said, and when accelerating, some rushing sound in the door. There is meat start, climbing slightly difficult, open air driving feels momentum is not strong. Last turn is too heavy, a handsome charmer with one hand rubbing round my arm tired to death.

560 owners generally reflect the paint too thin to pass flower rub trees are a section of the stamp. Car suspension harder, when walking down some gravel or speed bumps, the feeling in the car is very high. Turning radius is too large, no four-lane or not. Trunk opening is too high, move up the big piece when inconvenient.

Dr Yue

After our day’s actual experience, several smaller partners say their own views, more consistent, summed up in a Word, if extra space is your first request, I said the rear leg full arm of large, I usually pulled goods, hundreds of hundreds of kilos of rice noodles or something, then you should select baojun, 560. Besides all picked Geely vision SUV. Because the overall experience, the vision of the design, detail, comfort and so on more than 560. So if the 560 as a strong Assistant to help you work, the vision is more like a dressed Lady brought out.


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